FastCAM 7.5.140

Alex Fagan shared this announcement 3 years ago

Hi All,

FastCAM 7.5.140 is here, and with it comes the ability to Load Vector based PDFs into FastCAM!

For those of you on a Service & Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you can head to the FastCAM Web-Store and download it directly!

If you are not on a Service & Maintenance Agreement (SMA), please contact our sales team to investigate acquiring this version.

For Service & Maintenance Agreement (SMA) Customer:

1. Login to the Webstore;

click on the "SHOP" Button;

Click the "Customer Login" Button;

Use your Customer ID & Password

2. Go-to the Downloads Section

3. Click the Download button for "FastCAM Software Maintenance Agreement"

4. Run the installer over the top of your existing FastCAM

You will find attached to this post the upgrades made for 7.5.140

As always, if you have any issues Feel free to Contact FastCAM!


The FastCAM Team