The FastCAM® CAD Analyzer is our latest $99 download product.

Anonymous shared this announcement 6 years ago

he FastCAM® CAD Analyzer for DXF & DWG files

provides you with detailed technical data for your component. All

relevant cutting information will be returned on the file including:

  • entity count,
  • outside cut length,
  • inside cut length,
  • number of pierces,
  • part area,
  • part weight,
  • rectangular width,
  • length & weight.
  • CAD layers will be shown and can be individually turned on and off to enable better part analysis.
  • All text in the files can be hidden from analysis.
  • A selection of materials is provided with the product.
  • Works in Inch and Metric.
  • Drawings and Results can be printed.
  • Accepts the following file types: (Fast)CAM, DXF and DWG.

Note: This tool is for individual part drawings with only one

external, closed contour. You would need to remove things that are

not connected to the part itself (dimension lines, arrow heads, title

blocks, lead-ins and lead-outs etc).

This is a very simple and useful standalone program. It is compatible

with FastCAM® however it does not require any other FastCAM® product.