Common Cutting In FastNEST

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Here we will describe how to common cut in FastNEST

IMPORTANT: For common cutting in FastNEST you must know the Kerf of your cutting, and input it either in FastPATH or at the common cut pairs. 

Common Cut Pairs

If you are cutting many of the same part, you can import the files with common cut lines by clicking on the below button in the parts data, or when you are importing the part, then selecting the common line you want between similar parts

FastNEST 7:

FastNEST 8:

Common Cut Nesting

This is the overall common cutting functionality. NOT to be used in conjunction with Common Cut Pairs. Turn this on before you start nesting, and when you output, it will align the parts to have common cutting.

FastNEST 7:

FastNEST 8:

Also here are some videos to help out. They are all for FastNEST 7:

Edge Smart

Common Cut Pair Video

Common Cut Nesting Video

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