FastCAM & FastNEST: Clearing Temporary Files

Hi There,

This is a quick guide on how to clear your temporary files for FastCAM.

***WARNING: Deleting temporary files will remove your current Settings in FastCAM and FastNEST. You can move them to another folder and restore if need be however.

It can be that FastCAM & FastNEST may encounter a problem due to bad temporary files. This can be caused by:

  • The temporary file pointing at a location that doesn't exist anymore, such as a USB
  • The files have not been written correctly and have become corrupted

This can result in FastCAM / FastNEST being unable to start. As well as some other errors popping up within the program

You can delete your FastCAM & FastNEST Files by Navigating to your FastCAM Folder:

For 64 bit Windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM\

For 32 Bit Windows:
C:\Program Files\FastCAM\

From there, you need to locate and either delete or move to another folder, the following files:

That will sort out any FastCAM problem related to the temporary files!


The FastCAM Team

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