FastCAM & FastNEST: Clearing Temporary Files

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This is a quick guide on how to clear your temporary files for FastCAM.

***WARNING: Deleting temporary files will remove your current Settings in FastCAM and FastNEST. You can move them to another folder and restore if need be however.

It can be that FastCAM & FastNEST may encounter a problem due to bad temporary files. This can be caused by:

  • The temporary file pointing at a location that doesn't exist anymore, such as a USB
  • The files have not been written correctly and have become corrupted

This can result in FastCAM / FastNEST being unable to start. As well as some other errors popping up within the program

FastCAM 8

From within the software

If you have access to Any of the FastCAM programs (FastCAM / FastNEST / FastPLOT)  you can easily delete the the temporary files for the FatsCAM Suite from your Help > Reset Files option, as shown here from FastPLOT:


Manually Deleting Temporary Files

If you cannot access the software, and need to delete your temporary files, then you need to navigate to the folder that contains them. This can be found in your AppData folder, e.g.


You can delete the contents of this folder, and that will remove all your temporary file settings. 

FastCAM 7

From within the software

In FastCAM use -Control pts > Reset files

In FastNEST use Utilities > Reset Files

In FastPLOT use NC Profile > Reset Files

Manually Deleting Temporary Files

You can delete your FastCAM & FastNEST Files by Navigating to your FastCAM Folder:

For 64 bit Windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM\

For 32 Bit Windows:
C:\Program Files\FastCAM\

From there, you need to locate and either delete or move to another folder, the following files:

That will sort out any FastCAM problem related to the temporary files!


The FastCAM Team

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