Можно ли использовать FastCam для лазерной резки

Aleksey Babailov shared this question 12 months ago
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Добрый день

Подскажите возможно ли использовать как программу раскроя для лазера и какой тип контроллера выбрать ?

Please tell me, is it possible to use FastCam as a programm for the laser and what type of controller to choose?

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Dear Aleksey

The short answer is yes, FastCAM can and is being used for programming many laser machines.

Long answer is that we need to know which laser you're working with.

Laser Brand and Model, along with working sample nc programs and the Laser's CNC Controller Programming Manual.

It is best you email us directly with these information. You can contact me on jackson.fung@fastcam.com.au

From the material you supply to us, we will check to see if we can supply an existing POST PROCESSOR to match your Laser machine.

Where we have a matching POST, then it is a matter of buying a copy of FastCAM Professional for Laser, or buying additional Laser POST for an existing FastCAM Professional license.


FastCAM Support.