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Во вложении данные по версии и фото ошибки. Прошу помочь.


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Dear ПлазмаТехСервис-Украина

Run-time error 70. Permission error.

FastCAM/FastNEST will sometimes report this error when you're working with drives that doesn't give you WRITE PERMISSION.

This occurs when FastCAM/FastNEST needs to write to temporary files to save data. e.g. with DWG, FastCAM will convert to a temporary file.

This is common with Network drives, where your Windows User access to the network drive only has READ PERMISSION, but not WRITE PERMISSION.As well as external storage device that has been WRITE PROTECTED.

To overcome this error, you can either ADD WRITE PERMISSION to the folder you're working with,

or copy the file first to a folder you already have WRITE PERMISSION, before opening it with FastCAM/FastNEST.

e.g. your "Documents" folder in windows.

Run-time error 13. is an error in the temporary files.

Looking at the screen shot 667.JPG. the folder "1,5" maybe the problem.

Avoiding using folder names that have a comma in it.

As commas once saved into temporary files will corrupt the data for next launch of FastCAM and FastNEST, resulting in error 13.

To resolve error 13, you need to clear the corrupted temporary files, please following this guide to clear temporary files. FastCAM5.10 would follow the same steps as FastCAM7, or you can follow the manual method to clear temporary files.



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