Activation Fail

Sebastian Aguilar shared this question 25 days ago
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I'm trying to activate FastCAM and when I have to enter my license id and password I get activation failed error 4 can not communicate with server.

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Hi Sebastian.

As this involves your License ID and details, it maybe better for you to email directly.

my email is:

Your purchase of FastCAM 8 Standard subscriptions comes with a pair of licenses:

1st license ID & Passwords is for activating FastCAM Drawing Editor (the base of the product)

2nd License ID & Passwords is for activating the FastCAM Standard add on Features.

From what we can see, you've already Activated 1st ID. The error 4 means it is already used.

You have not activated your 2nd ID yet. Use the details for the 2nd ID.

Hope this helps!

If not, see my email to you as well, we can try and setup TEAM VIEWER to do remote support





I got it Activated now I cant run the program i get this error. I'm Using Windows Vista SP2.