An error comes out :Beveled section but no torch passes. Center cut only

Irina shared this question 53 days ago
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Good afternoon! When drawing up a cutting plan for a product with a chamfer, we got an error "the section is beveled, but the cutter does not go through. Only the central cut" (photo in the application) - Help solve the problem

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Hi Irina,

What is your FastCAM dongle number?

Which Bevel cutting system have you got?

With bevel programming in v5.11, make sure in the verification tab in bevel editor has the required upper groove, root face and/or lower groove selected as well.

The Joint tab is for complete weld specification of the final product, the verification tab is where you select which groove can be cut on your bevel machine.

With further bevel programming questions, please email directly, we will need to open a service case for bevelling programming.