Appropriated FastPath Setting for Plasma Cutting

Hemmachart Ratchanont shared this question 4 years ago

We use FastCAM with Plasma Plate Cutting Machine. And our Plate shape are simple. Is Default FastPath setting (Kerf = Left , Side = both ...) OK for us ?

Thank you.


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Hi Hemmachart,

The default settings for the a Plasma Cutter are generally all right, Kerf Left for both internal and external cuts of the part being the more accurate, generally.

I would suggest if this is your first time cutting with this machine, that you also make sure you have some external & internal entries set up. This will mean you aren't piercing on the part, and possibly gouging into it.

Also do familiarize yourself with the FastPATH settings, as they can be critical in getting your part right.

Hope this helps!