circles are octagons

Darko Obucina shared this problem 15 months ago


When I cut circles from shapelib from machine, circles are perfect but when I convert from autocad or corel dxf and convert with fastnest circles are octagons. It is not mechanical it is something with dxf to g code conversion. Any idea for fastcam or fastnest converting setup? thanks

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Normally, if you have a correctly drawn circle in DXF you will get an equivalent arc output in CNC code, be it ESSI or GCODE format. a single line of G2 code for a full circle.

We could comment further if you can attach/email through the DXF and the output gcode file.

Which version of FastCAM are you using? and what is your FastCAM dongle number?

Article on Idnetifying your FastCAM version:

You may want to have a look at sending a service email as well to capture all of the above in one go


FastCAM Support


Thanks. I will prepare everything and send all according the tutorial. Thanks.