Cutting Head has moved over 40mm...

Colin Martin shared this problem 4 months ago

Hello. We have a Waterjet Cutting Machine. During cutting, the head moved approx. 40mm away from the next cutting line, in an attempt to continue to cut. It was as if the machine saw the drawing with a space of 40mm between. I have checked the drawing, there are no spots or lines underneath, no crossovers or anything else which we have experienced before...

Can you please assist, or do you need more information?

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Dear Colin

Please attempt to generate a service email, see this post, and download the service email guide.

We will be able to provide more details after looking over the service email.

in the rare case where you are unable to produce this service email,

we'd need to know your FastCAM version number, POST PROCESSOR, file's you're working with, entry/exits settings applied, nesting files saved.

All these are automated by the service email tool, saving the need to send these manually.


Jackson Fung