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How can I delete old drawings?

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Dear Carlos

What's the name of the file you are looking to delete?

There is no delete file from inside FastCAM or FastNEST.

You should use windows explorer to browse to the folder where the files are located and delete as normal using Windows.



Thank you Jackson

I found folder: C: Program files / FastCam / but I didn't find old drawings and nests I will delete.


Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the image to help explain your enquiry. It looks like you're running Windows 10.

Based on this information, we have a couple of suggestions for you.

1. If you're looking for where a file is saved, an efficient method is to use the file explorer's search feature.

Please see attached WIN10 File Search.jpg.

2. It maybe that you did save to "FastCAM" application folder, but you've Windows 10s UAC (User Account Control) feature enabled. UAC is typically on by default for most new Windows 10 installations. What happens with UAC being on is that it will save to a "Virtual Store"\ folder instead of C:\.

To access your virtual store folder, Please see attached WIN10 Virtual Store.jpg.NOTE: Virtual store folder path is based off your USERNAME in windows 10, so your file path should have your username instead of what's in the example.

Then you can try and see if a replica "\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM\" folder in your Virtual Store folder. If you have been saving to your FastCAM application folder, this is where they will have gone.


GREAT! I found the stored files following your kind instructions.

Thank you very much, dear Jackson.

Hug for you