Error. FastCAM7 not enabled

patronbv7 shared this question 20 months ago
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I am facing problem when launching FastCam, after installation to v7.2.17 when running the program as administrator i get the error.

Error. FastCAM7 not enabled

fastcam7 7.2.17 101927770

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Can you please double check you are installing the version of the software that came with that dongle. As if you are installing a higher version, you may not be entitled to run it.

If you are, you may require a key file to augment your license. Please check and see if you were sent a key file "101927770.key". If so, please place it in your FastCAM folder, which should be located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM\"

Finally if you are ok with the above two, then you may need to install the dongle drivers:

Let me know how you go!


Alex Fagan