Error. fastCAM7 not enabled or key not found.

Aidan shared this question 8 months ago


After installation to v7.2.33 when running the program as administrator i get the error. FastCAM not enabled or key not found. I have tried the Unikey and Sense.dll fix but still cannot get it to work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times trying to get this to work. Was working fine previously on windows 7 PC.

Windows 10 x64

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Hi Aidan,

Can you let me know what your Dongle number is? Is it plugged in and has the light on when you try and run FastCAM?

Usually the problem here is getting Windows to read your dongle. Here is a guide on fixing that:

Also I highly recommend turning off your UAC and checking the permissions on your FastCAM Folder.


Alex Fagan