Error: Operation not permitted by FastLOCK (FastCAM510)

Arūnas Kriščiūnas shared this question 3 months ago
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I have been working with FastCAM/FastNest without problems for 7 years, but suddenly since yesterday I wasn't able to use this software. I guess it may be related to Windows 10 updates but I can't be sure.The error message:0?ui=2&ik=26f11ad101&attid=0I know that software is an older one, but everything has been working fine.0?ui=2&ik=26f11ad101&attid=0I have gray USB Dongle No. 101935770. When I attach it to the computer the Dongle glows continuous green.I have both Unikey.dll ( and Sense_LC.dll ( at "C:\Windows\SysWOW64"The operating system: Windows 10 x64The Device manager shows USB dongle as 0?ui=2&ik=26f11ad101&attid=0Can you help solving this problem?

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Hi Arūnas,

The images didn't seem to show correctly, are you able to email directly? to

Which build of win10 do you currently have?

Do you have any outstanding/pending windows updates still to be installed? If so let the updates all finish firstly and restart PC. Take the dongle out, and plug it into a different USB port if possible. See if that will help windows connect to the dongle again correctly.