Ashish Gupta shared this question 2 years ago

Dongle not working

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Hi Ashish,

I need some more information to help with this one, Can you please let me know:

What your dongle number is?

What does the dongle look like? USB / Parallel port Dongle? If it is a USB is it Blue or Grey & black?

What version of FastCAM you are running? You can follow this guide to find that information:

Was it working previously on your computer?

Have you moved it onto a new computer?

Either way can you let me know what your computer system is? Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10? 32 bit / 64 bit?

With all the info above I will be able to recommend some testing you can do.




Hi Federico,

It could be that the version you have there is too low for your dongle.

Do you have an updated version of FastCAM you can run? If so please run it. You can check your exact FastCAM Version here:

Do you have a 32 bits computer you can try FastCAM on?

Also due to the age of that dongle (2009), there isn't a lot more I can offer to assist with unfortunately. If this doesn't work, please feel free to get in touch with me directly.


Alex Fagan