fast lock

jagan T shared this problem 11 months ago

opreation not permited

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"operation not permitted" and "FastCAM 7 not enabled" are general error messages that indicate the dongle is not present or does not have the options to run FastCAM.

Is the dongle plugged in?

The USB type dongle has an LED indicator, when working normally, this LED should be ON solid without flashing. If it is flashing, then there maybe a problem with the dongle driver or the dongle itself,

please contact us via email: and let us know your dongle number + your FastCAM version number and we can follow up with you via email to further troubleshoot the cause.

Is this a new install of FastCAM? if you are installing FastCAM from many years ago, e.g. version 5.10, and you have windows 10, then please also contact us via email, again let us know your dongle number + your FastCAM version number, and we can verify whether there's an update dongle driver available for you.


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