Fastcam compatible with windows embedded? Any of XP 7 8 10 embedded.

Jack Littlejohn shared this question 11 months ago
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I have seen cam software installed on windows embedded so there is less processes in the background which cause issues regarding latency while cutting.

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Dear Jack,

Which FastCAM Software are you referring to in particular?

Windows Embedded are configurable builds of the full respective Windows Version. To answer if a particular Windows Embedded will allow FastCAM, FastNEST, and FastPLOT to run we would need to know the list of the components built into the particular Windows Embedded Image.

As FastCAM, FastNEST and FastPLOT is compatible with Windows XP through to Windows 10. It is possible to create images that are compatible. In testing we've created compatible WES7 images that would be compatible, as an example.

CAM/NEST/PLOT is drawing, nesting and nc code generation software, rather than a cnc operator software, so it should have no role with regards to "latency while cutting". It is not the agent that handles the live running of the nc code.

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Jackson Fung

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