FastCAM cutting an elipse instead a circle

Niesy Maria Bellorin Barreto shared this question 7 months ago
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Hello, it´s common that when using FastCAM with plasma process al the circles contained in the DXF file are cutted like an elipse. Why happens that? how can i solve this situation?

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Hi Niesy,

You can check where the problem is by loading your Code in FastPLOT, and measuring the size of the circle in both the horizontal and the vertical.

If the sizes are the same in FastPLOT, then the code generated by FastCAM/FastNEST is correct, and the problem lies in your machine.

However, if the sizes are NOT the same in FastPLOT, then I need a service email from you, from either FastCAM or FastNEST, with your problem part loaded on the screen

Let me know how you go!


Alex Fagan