FastCAM "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch"

Tanakorn Chawakijpati shared this problem 9 months ago

Hello, It's happen today when im try to open FastNEST App. And it's happen with another app "FastCAM" , " FastPLOT" . I'm try to using another device but it had a same error.

My System is Windows 10 Home 64-bit Version1909 (KB4535996) the lasted update.

What should I do?

PS. Sorry for my english language, Thank You.

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Dear Tanakorn,

Run time error 13 in FastCAM7 usually has to do with issues creeping into the temproary files, they need to be manually reset:

See this post for instructions:

One of the common cause for these is using and access folder names with non-alpha-numeric characters, in particular folders with "comma". e.g. "E:\CUSTOMER\A, ENGINNEERING" will cause a problem.

FastCAM7 and earlier verisons have known issues handling files and folders that have commas or other special characters in it. Runtime error 13 appears and you must use the clear temporary files work-around every time after you access such a file or folder.

FastCAM8 will not have this issue, do feel free to check out FastCAM8 and evaluate the returns you can get by subscribing to FastCAMv8.

Many issues from FastCAM7 and earlier are resolved in FastCAM8, less workarounds, and better performances in FastCAM, FastNEST and FastPLOT.


Jackson Fung