alan chua shared this problem 4 years ago

Good day to you.

This morning we are trying to use our fastnest and we have

this message pop up on the screen.

“operation not permitted by FASTLOCK. Please check software

versions with FMS FastCAM”

Please be kind to advise us how to go about with this.

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Hi Alan,

For your FastCAM no longer working, can you please do the following for me:

· Tell me what Operating System you are using (Windows Vista/XP/7/8)

· If you are running 32 or 64 bit windows

· Quote me your Dongle Number

· What version of FastCAM you are running by doing the following:

o right clicking on the .exe file

o Clicking Properties

o Going to Details, and sending a screenshot like the one attached.

Also if you think it applies you can have a look at this guide for running FastCAM on windows 8:


Alexander Fagan