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987654321 shared this problem 16 months ago

1)When I insert several pieces of the same quantity in fastnest at a time, the software recognizes that the quantity of the last part in the list, as for the other pieces, it gives them the quantity 1.

2) I can't open a several old nesting plates.

3) Error message "13"

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For your questions, you can try the following:

1. When adding parts into a nest, it will only update the part number of the last one, that is correct. You can adjust this one of two ways. Firstly, after loading the parts, you can set the quantity required of the part from the Parts List in FastNEST. OR you can bring in Parts with a Bracket at the end, FastNEST will read this as the quantity required for that part. E.g. TESTPART (8).CAM will read in as 8 qty in FastNEST.

2. How did you save these old Nests? Are they saved as .NST files or are you opening the output TXT files? If you are trying to Open .TXT files, FastNEST does not read them. You would need to bring them into FastPLOT and then convert back to a drawing file. If you are trying to load a.NST file, can you let me know what is failing? Is it not able to

3. When are you seeing this error? Is it when you are trying to use a remnant CAM as the plate in FastNEST? Are you trying to load a CAM file here? If it is when you are trying to load a CAM file can you please get me a copy of the plate's CAM file?

Hope that all helps!


Alex Fagan



Thank you for your answer, it is very helpful,

1. Problem solved.

2. That happens when i try to open the nest from another camputer, or when i move the files to another folder.

3. I see this error when i inquire the thikness of parts.