Is fastnest taking automatic kerf value ?

VIKASH RAGHAV shared this question 12 months ago
Need Answer

I want to know all about kerf ,

I want to make 200x200 mm piece in oxyfuel cutting. . How to give kerf in programming or in controller...

When. I want to set common cut it demands for kerf in fastnest. If I set their kerf can I again set the kerf in controller .. is it double or remain the same as I fill up in fastnest

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Hi Vikash,

For Kerf from FastCAM, there are two options to go about it.

1. Let the machine cope with KERF

Use G40/G41/G42 codes. This will tell them machine to cope with the Kerf offsets. This is the standard way to cut, and should requires only that you have a Kerf setting. For example:

Click the KERF line for a selected process to toggle it between LEFT / RIGHT / NONE. KERF LEFT is the most common way to cut.


2. Let FastNEST Adjust Geometry to offset your nest.

To apply this, you must

a) Restart FastNEST

b) Open your FastPATH Settings

c) Goto the Stitch / Kerf Tab

d) Turn on Adjust Geometry on output, and give it an outside kerf radius, for example:


I would recommend option 1, let the machine compensate the kerf. Doing it this way means you can have programs that can be used on different material, and in addition if kerf changes, you can use the same program, and adjust the kerf on the machine.

PLEASE NOTE: The two modes described above are mutually exclusive. You should only use 1 at a time, otherwise you will be doubling up on Kerf.


Alex Fagan