My fastcam software does not have a setup.dat file

Solly Segooa shared this problem 14 months ago
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My software LICENCE no. Is 08816491.

I have successfully loaded the software and I am able to view fastcam,FastPLOT,and FastNEST with the dongle. I notice however that the software can not generate NC files. On further research I noted from tutorials that I need to amend the setup.dat to change the extension to “extension,NC. To my surprise, when I opened FASTCAM folder under program folders, I noted that there is no file with a name setup.dat. In fact , there are no note pad files in the folder. Kindly assist in resolving the problem. My email address is

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Hi Solly,

From what you have described it sounds like you did not select a controller when you installed the software. Can you please reinstall and make sure to select the correct one as recommended by your machine supplier.

If this fails however, please feel free to get in touch again!

Will let you know also with the dongle you have there you are entitled to a $1 USD upgrade to FastCAM 8 Standard for the first year:

I will send you a link for this to your email.


Alex Fagan