nesting issues in fastcam

G. Singh Soni shared this question 13 months ago
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need some assistance here please for nesting files,

when we import the dxf/dwg file in fastcam, when we try to generate the NC file, In Tool path generates a preview window.

The tool is returning to the zero position and this zero position is somewhere outside the sheet.

When we try step by step stimulation, it is showing the cutting sheet that while returning to zero position it is cutting the sheet also.

kindly request you to advise how this can be solved and we can use software to get required nesting results.

Trying to attach the drawing here for your reference b not luck to attach it in dxf or dwg format,

Hoping for your kind cooperation in this regard,

Thanks & Best Regards,

Mr. G. Singh


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Hi G. Singh Soni,

In this case, please contact us via email. You can reach me at, and as well our company email address is

Please let us know your FastCAM dongle number, and then as well you can attach additional files.

Refer to this link below to generate a service from FastCAM or FastNEST that will automatically capture a set of FastCAM files.


FastCAM Support.