not work on windows 7

Evgeniy shared this question 16 months ago
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Good afternoon. It is impossible to start fastcam on Windows 7 64 bit . The program starts, but errors occur when you open the file. Screenshots below. The key is not recognized by the system. DLL added in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 but it's not working. Tell me what you can try?

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Hi Evgeniy,

What is your FastCAMv5 dongle number? Depending on the age of your FastCAMv5, it may not be compatible with Windows 7 64 bit. Your license number will indicate whether your license can be run. The very old blue USB dongle or black parallel port dongles do not run on Windows 7 64 bit, there are no drivers for them to run on Windows 7 64 bit unfortunately.

The installer you will need to run "As Administrator". The screenshots you've there indicate that some files were not installed properly. Older installers on Windows 7 can be like that, they will not have the automatic question to ask for administrator permissions.

Firstly uninstall the software, and then you need to reinstall by manually right click on the installer file and selecting to run it "As Administrator".

If you have the installer on CD, you need to "explore" the files on the CD and look for SETUP.EXE, that's the launcher for the installer.

As well you can also look at getting a license of our latest release of FastCAM v8, this is the quickest solution.

FastCAM v8 no longer requires a dongle, and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 64bit, along with a modern UI and many new features.

It can be bought over the web from our webstore, with installer available for download online, and activated online.

See this post for more details on FastCAM 8


FastCAM Support.


Good afternoon. Thanks for answering. The key is old blue. Managed to start on Windows 7 32 bits, and the driver copied from Windows xp.


Good to hear. Yes, Blue USB can run on Win7 32bit. There's no support for it on 64 bit Windows.