Tricks in the FastNest program

Genadijs Maksimos shared this question 8 months ago
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Good afternoon! Once, I saved the dxf file and in the title I put the number of parts in brackets (plate 10 pcs.: Plate (10)). Nesting occurs automatically. See to pictures:

Maybe there are more tricks?

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Dear Genadijs,

Yes naming part files with a bracket is one method to pre-specify the number of parts to be nested in FastNEST.

We host a Youtube channel, FastCAM TV, that assists with explaining other very useful features in FastCAM, FastNEST, and FastPLOT.

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Maybe this one will be helpful for you and others.

On the numpad on your keyboard, the "+" and "-" buttons are shortcuts to zoom in and zoom out.

As well as the "0/Ins(Insert)" button, that button toggles the zoom level. With Numlock active, Pressing "0/Ins" and then Press "+"/"-" you should see the different in zoom step.


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