What causes this warning "c:\...FASTCAM\CHAIN exists. Checking!!!!!! " in FastCAM STD?

Salih SAHIN shared this question 7 months ago
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I have been using FastCAM std. I installed it in English.

Today when i tried to view a .nc file using FastPLOT, It always shows following warning just at the bottom of screen.

"c:\...FASTCAM\CHAIN exists. Checking!"

Then nothing is possible to do with fastplot.

Also , when i open Fastnest and try to nest a few dxf files , it shows the same and does not proceed further.

I uninstalled fastcam and reinstall it . Situation is still the same.

Files: FPL.jpg

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Dear Salih,

Look for the file "CHAINS.OLD" in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM\

Delete this "CHAINS.OLD" file, and then you can try to run FastPLOT again.


FastCAM Support


Thank you.