When I open Fastnest it takes me to inventor installation

christian hernandez shared this problem 2 years ago


I'm using a laptop with windows 10, the thing its that i was using fastcam and fastnest without any problems,and suddenly when I try to open fast nest, it takes me to the installation of Autodesk Inventor.

Can someone help me with this??

Thank you for your support

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Christian Hernandez

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for sending through that screenshot.

It is actually an AutoCAD problem. It is to do with shared files, and FastCAM is not the only product AutoCAD does this to unfortunately.

What you need to do is Run as administrator the AutoCAD installer, and run a repair install. This will fix up the dependencies and stop Autocad from interrupting FastCAM

Let me know how you go!


Alex Fagan


Hi Alex,

We ran the repair installation in inventor an it helped to remove the issue.

Thank you for th information and your support

Best Regardas

Christian Hernandez