Will FastCam integrate with a Hpr Plasma power source?

Graeme Mansfield shared this question 9 months ago
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Hi All,

Im new to this and was wondering if the FastCam System would intergrate with a Hypertherm Hpr Power source?

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Hi Graeme,

FastCAM produces CNC code for cnc controllers, whilst the cnc controller would separately be setup to sends commands to the Power Source.

Which cnc controller are you using and what are you looking to automate on the Power source?

e.g. typically a controller will be setup such that on reading certain M-codes in a cnc file, that will trigger its internal logic to command action on the plasma power source, be that changing to presets of power level, turn on arc, turn off ac, etc.

FastCAM produces CNC code file with the particular Mcodes for your make of cnc controller.

Some controllers do have more advanced nc code syntax available to allow explicit setting of power level and gas pressure when setup with a smart power source system.


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