After opening a cutlist and trying to nest it, I found that the buttons for "start", "resume" and "stop" were all disabled

If you are struggling with the Nesting options becoming disabled, or are wondering why they are greyed out, this guide will help

start” “resume” “stop” are part of the automatic nesting module. This module comes with FastCAM Professional (system level). 

If you are using a FastCAM Standard then an upgrade is required to move to Professional. In Standard mode the menu options will greyed out like this:

If you do not know if you have Standard or Professional FastCAM, get send us your Dongle # and we can check it for you.

The other possible scenario is that you may have locked the software into “interactive nesting” mode. To check go to Nest drop down Menu. If the item Interactive mode is checked, click on it to uncheck this. 

Interactive mode ON - Automatic Nesting DISABLED:

Interactive mode OFF - Automatic Nesting ENABLED:

Afterwards you will see the Automatic Nesting buttons enabled again.

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