FastCAM Information Starter Pack

Here are some Links and Videos to get your started with using the FastCAM Product suite, including FastCAM, FastNEST and FastPLOT.

Our YouTube channel 

This has a lot of instructional videos to help you learn the program

The FastNEST Pro Version nesting tutorials

A series of Videos showing all the extra features of the FastNEST Professional Software.

How to draw with FastCAM guide

A guide to so you can quickly learn how to draw using FastCAM. Takes you through step by step until you can master complex 2D shapes

FastCAM Manuals

Manuals for our FastCAM Products

FastCAM Community 

A community forum, where you can post questions, read the knowledge base, and learn more about FastCAM:

FastCAM CAD Compression Guide 

Great for working with Graphics and outputting smoothing contours for cutting

FastCAM Common Cutting

Common Cutting lines and nests using FastNEST

Closing Part Contours in FastCAM

To help when you are working with graphics or complex parts

FastCAM Website 

Our main website, which has a lot of information:

Contact Us

There is quite a bit of information to be found freely online, but if you still have a question, please feel free to post, or email FastCAM Directly

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