FastCAM QE Error 381

If you are encountering an error when you try and load a file in QE and get a run time error 381

Then it could be that you have not licensed your QE Properly. 

To check this, Open QE again, and goto the Help > About FastCAM QE Button

Check what options are enabled in your Product level.

If you have: 

License Type:  Network

and no options are ticked in the Product Level or Product Options, as above, then you  have not applied the additional license needed to enable them for your Network license.

To apply this additional license, 

1. Close QE

2. Check your licensing information for the Extra License ID 

3. Hold down shift while launching QE and keep holding it down until you see this screen

4. Click Yes

5. Apply your additional License

6. Run QE and check the Help > About window to confirm you have your additional options now enabled

Now you will be able to run your QE again!



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