Reinstalling FastCAM onto the same Computer

If you are need to reinstall FastCAM onto your computer, you have three options

1) Use the Backup utility to maintain your FastCAM Control Files

1. Run the Backup Utility, and backup your control files

2. Uninstall & Reinstall FastCAM

3. Run the Backup utility and Restore the Control Files

Check this guide for a more information:

2) Manually Backup & Restore your FastCAM Control Files 

1. Backup your Current FastCAM Folder

Usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM\

2. Uninstall & Reinstall FastCAM

3. Go to your Backup folder, and copy all of the files there, excluding 

Executable Files

Language Files 

Any sub-folders

4. Paste & Overwrite these files to your installed FastCAM Folder

Usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM\

3) Reinstall and select new Control files

1. Uninstall your FastCAM

2. Run the install again

Select your appropriate control files

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