How to use the FastCAM Backup Utility to transfer an Install

The FastCAM Backup Utility allows you to transport your settings from one PC to another simply.

Also, if you wish to Install a later version of FastCAM onto the same computer, then you can use this guide to achieve that.

OLD PC = The computer you have an install for already

NEW PC = The computer you are installing FastCAM Onto

Follow these instructions to move your install:

OLD PC Instructions

1 - Download FastCAM Backup Utility

2 - Install & Run the Backup Utility

3 - In the Backup Utility, choose ‘Backup’ from the Actions bar. This will create a ZIP File that is a backup of your FastCAM Control Settings

NoteIf you want to transfer More than just your setup files, you can, using the configure tool. 

It is recommended you do NOT transfer the EXE files. 

Steps 4 - 6 are ONLY for users reinstalling onto the SAME PC. Skip ahead to NEW PC Instructions if you are installing to a new PC

4 - Backup the Whole FastCAM folder

64 Bit Computers - C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM

32 Bit Computers - C:\Program Files\FastCAM

5 - Uninstall FastCAM

6 - On the Same PC apply the steps as described in New PC Instructions

NEW PC Instructions

1 - Copy the Backup .zip file to your NEW PC

2 - Run your most recent FastCAM installer.

When installing, select any of your current controllers. They will be overwritten by the Restore

3 - Install the FastCAM Backup Utility (Either copy the installer, or download from the link again)

4 - Run the Backup Utility

5 - Click on the ‘Restore’ Action. Then select the backup ZIP you moved to the new computer in step (4)

If you are programming a single machine from FastCAM then you are done!


If you have multiple machines programmed by FastCAM then follow these last few steps:

6 - Navigate to your FastCAM folder, usually located in:

64 Bit Computers - C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM

32 Bit Computers - C:\Program Files\FastCAM

7 - Delete the SETUP.DAT file in that folder

8 - In the FastCAM Folder, find the MACHINES.DAT File, and open in Notepad

9 - Check that each Machine's Path to the Controller files is still valid. This can be easily broken when moving from a 32 bit machine to a 64 bit machine, because FastCAM's default install location changes, as shown in step (6). 

For example, this would be the Path to check:

Once this is all done, your FastCAM ready to go with your same Control Files!

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