Z Axis not working after Nesting

Rudi Burger shared this question 5 months ago

Hi all

I have been using FastNest and Mach3 for my plasma machine for plate cutting.

I recently bought a new laptop, I have successfully Installed FastNest on the new laptop.

But now I have a problem:

When I make a new Nest, the torch no longer lifts up when cutting or moving between parts.

I guess the problem is on the Z axis.

Please see attached 2 pictures of the cutting list, 1 from my old laptop, where the Z has values after it, and 1 from my new laptop, where all Z values are 0.

Specifically see line N220 & N240.

Please help me to fix this.

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Hi Rudi,

There is one "new laptop.jpg" attached, and it shows non zero Z values. There's no other files.

For Z values to be zero, there maybe a mismatch in your POST + MATERIAL file + FEEDS file. So instead of pulling the value recorded in FEEDS, you are getting a zero value.

You will get the same output if your software version, POST and settings files are the same.

How did you go about transferring your working configuration from the OLD PC to the NEW LAPTOP?

One method would be to copy the entire C:\Program Files (x86)\FastCAM\ folder across from OLD PC, after you have successfully installed the product to make sure you have the same set of POST and temp files for FastCAM v7. and try again from there.

You should also take note of all your FastPATH settings and FastNEST settings in the OLD PC, and try to replicate it exactly on your new laptop.




Hi Jackson, thank you for your time and help.

I don't know how but it seems my attachments got completely mixed up. It's the old laptop picture with new laptop name... But basically the only difference is the values are 0 on the new laptop, where it should be as shown in picture (that now has the wrong name...)

I am sure that I have installed it as you described. But I will just try again.

I bought the machine and software from a company that have done all the installations and setting up, so I am not very clued up about all this stuff... But they no longer exist. And now I'm stuck with the problem.

I will try again myself, and try to copy all the settings exactly the same as the old laptop, and have a look at the POST + MATERIAL + FEEDS files, and I will update you asap.

Thanks again.

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