Multiple Pierces per part & path loss

Aaron Gibson shared this problem 47 days ago


When nesting multiple parts, sometimes our FastNest software throws up this path lost error, and misses off one or several parts on the FastPlot output.

If we continue and output the nest again, the issue is then fixed, but obviously that makes our quantities of parts cut on the nesting software double what we have actually done, and is a pain our end to then work out what has and what hasn't actually been nested.

The error does not occur all the time, but sometimes when we continue and output the nest again, it will put several pierces on the missing part, such as one in each corner on a square part for example, instead of just the one starting pierce in the corner.

Please see images attached.

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Hi Aaron,

It is not immediately clear what can be the cause of this. We would need a FastNEST service email at the time of this happening. This will capture the nest settings & files nested at the time so we can run some analysis on it.

If you have saved this nest previously, please reload it, and then create a FastNEST service email item from the Help menu.

This link below is a guide on sending a service email from FastNEST.

see how you go with sending the service email, if you see it happen again on another nest, send further service emails and we will check the files to see what's happening.



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