Could you please help me to find solutions?

George Youssef shared this question 2 months ago
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Dear Sir,

I'm using FastCUT version 6.2.2 since long time ago and today I've to renew it, but when I use the trail version is available on your site couldn't find the old features that I was use.

Could you please help me to find solutions for following points not found in trail?

1- The program is not running with right performance and hanging sometimes while processing.

2- When is running, the numbers of nesting parts are limited and very small that I need to use, I need to use over than 80 parts in one round.

3- The nesting is not considering the total length and width in his calculations.

4- Once program is closed and reopen it's not going to run again.

Thanks and looking for your reply.


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Hi George,

Firstly, you need to setup limits, both in Time and Trial counts. In particular, the Max number of Trials and the run time.


(2) Not sure I understand what the problem is here? You can update the quantity of your Parts or stock easily from the main screen


(3) Are you in Sheet mode?


(4) What does it say when you try and run it again? It should prompt you that you are in the trial version still.



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